Report 8th March 2014

To complete the round-up of Duffus Park’s efforts in the Fife Fours at the East Fife Stadium, the club did manage to qualify for the play-offs, which, in itself, is a notable achievement.  They achieved qualification in their second match when they collected maximum points against Leven after registering a 4-3 win against Markinch in their opening match.  Against Leven, Davie Anderson and Ralph Morris were always ahead with Davie defeating Davie Robertson by thirteen shots and Ralph finishing six shots ahead of John Gordon.  Bob Dick secured the third victory, coming from 8-7 down to defeat Kenny Hamilton 12-8.

Leven 0pt (18) Duffus Park 7pts (41)  (Leven skips first) – J. Gordon 8 R. Morris 14;  K. Hamilton 8 R. D. Dick 12;  D. Robertson 2 D. R. Anderson 15.

In their final match, the club opposed one of the favourites, Abbeyview, and finished pointless.  Ralph Morris did have a chance of victory but the loss of a single at the last end gave Robert Forrester a two shot victory.  Davie Anderson and Bob Dick lost by eleven and nine shots against Ian Brickley and Frank Moralee respectively.

Duffus Park 0pt (24) Abbeyview 7pts (46)  (Duffus Park skips first) – R. Morris 11 R. Forrester 13;  D. R. Anderson 7 I. Brickley 18;  R. D. Dick 6 F. Moralee 15.

The end came for Duffus Park in the 1st Round of the play-offs against West End, Kirkcaldy...For the West End, Gary Mackie recorded a decisive victory against Ralph Morris, and Dave Watson played in a low scoring match against Bob Dick, despite winning by eight shots.  Davie Anderson ran Jason Syme’s West End rink close and led for much of the way, but the loss of a five as the game neared its conclusion was sufficient to allow Jason a four shot victory.

West End 7pts (43) Duffus Park 0pt (18)  (West End skips first) – G. Mackie 20 R. Morris 7;  J. Syme 12 D. R. Anderson 8;  D. A. Watson 11 R. D. Dick 3.


Robert D. Dick,